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Data Extraction Services

Extraction of a data from the web is a key activity in the web automation. The term Web Data Extraction is also well-known as a web scraping & screen scraping. Offshore Data Entry encompasses resource, processes as well as technology to implement the web extraction requirements of the clients.

Web Data Extraction

Our potent, scalable and influential extraction server can successfully complete even the most complex web data extraction assignments. With our graphical interface and SQL, such as: Syntax, we are even able to handle intricate and large volume of data extraction jobs.

Offshore Data Entry - Expertise in following services such as:

Offshore Data Entry is quite skilled in the field of web mining and data extraction solutions. On the way to gain a viable competitive advantage, outsource your data extraction work to us. We will:

By Outsourcing data extraction project to us, you will be receiving the output quickly and effortlessly. What you have to do is to just send the project details, regarding your target web sites, what data you have to dig up, number of search results required, and your output preferences. Through these details, we will be providing you the information by sending in the format of your choice. Our data entry services extracts the data irrespective of the formats: Word document, email, spreadsheet, database, PowerPoint file, HTML, image and PDF.

The device which we employed in use is not only robust and flexible but is very easy to use as well for the purpose of: monitoring, retrieving and mining the content from the web sites, documents, or from any non-structured source of data. Our tools are perfectly designed through which data can be extracted from the both pages, whether it is a Static or a Dynamic page.

Through our web navigation and web data extraction technology, we are able to amass information from the deep web that too in a short period of time, thereby saving your considerable amount of time, labor, and money. Hence, with us, you will be receiving time-to-market advantage over your competitors.

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