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OCR cleanup is a complex process that is used and required while converting a particular printed text in the image format They are necessary in the areas of footnotes, tables, and technical data. As it is a specialized process it requires high resolution scanners and the expertise of trained resources. Outsourcing these OCR cleanup services to Offshore Data Entry will give firm ample benefits.

Offshore Data Entry offers OCR cleanup services along with OCR services. It is a parallel initiated system to recover the lost data and improve the quality of the process. We recover the lost data in case of technical documents and other scientific material as these require precision OCR conversion.

OCR Clean Up

There are three steps for the OCR cleanup process:

Offshore data entry India offers "Double Key" manual data entry in case if the documents are handwritten or is inferior in a substantial amount. Our cleanup service ensures high quality control of up to: 99.995% accuracy.Double-key data entry perks up the level of accuracy. Two independent data entry operators enter the same data simultaneously. Computer than compares the results and let the operators know about the inaccuracy if any. .

To give efficient services we use the best-of-breed technologies and innovative methods to provide cost-effective and superior OCR cleanup process. Our firm combines the in-depth business expertise and a variety of methodologies to provide high precise OCR services to our needful clients.

We have high end scanners to compare original documents against the OCR files to correct misread characters. Since these tasks are quite complex the cost of OCR cleanup jobs varies depending on the quality and nature of the printed text being scanned.

Why to opt Offshore Data Entry for OCR Clean-up services?

Some our services are mention bellow track as per your requirement.

» Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Cleanup
» Intelligent Character Recognition(ICR)
» Optical mark recognition(OMR)

Offshore Data Entry has the needed flexibility to undergo these tasks and is well adapted at providing OCR clean up services to global customers with its state-of-the-art technology and competent workforce. Contact us if you do not find the service you are seeking among those listed above…Email on