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Intelligent Character Recognition(ICR) Services

Offshore data entry offers a fast as well as an accurate ICR services that converts manually entered text into the machine readable characters. Intelligent Character Recognition, short for ICR enables handwritten text to be employed in a use for an automatic indexing of the images. Our ICR Technology applications can translate handwritten reports into PDF files or word doc. files.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is an advanced version of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It is taken in a use to enhance the accuracy in the recognition levels. More or less, ICR is similar to optical character recognition (OCR) but as comparative to OCR, ICR is much complicated process for the reason that OCR is from printed text.

ICR technology allows data capture software to read information automatically from the all sorts of a document. During the procedure, it lets you know about the font and varied styles of hand writing.

Our ICR processing services can be utilized in a wide range of your data capture requirements that consist of:

Data Entry

We have grip over a large pool of the infinite customers that have routed several industries such as of: airlines, banking, insurance, healthcare, government, printing, transport, retail and utilities.

We provide the low cost solution for intelligent character recognition. By availing our ICR processing service, you can come up with a remarkable increase in the productivity of your business automation & information processing applications.

We provide various types of services as per requirements:

» Optical Character Recognition(OCR) Cleanup
» Intelligent Character Recognition(ICR)
» Optical mark recognition(OMR)

Our highly proactive, skilled & motivated team gives an assertion regarding the accurate ICR conversion at an extremely high speed. They are quite competent to accomplish any projects: whether it is of a short or long-term, of any volume in quick turn around time with top-notch quality.

Contact us if you would like to know more about ICR and get 40% to 60% discount on outsourcing your ICR projects to us.

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