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Data Processing Services

Offshore Data Entry Company, your most trusted BPO service providers, offers its customers an extensive array of high-quality offshore data entry services at cost-effective rates including data entry, data conversion, outsource automatic data processing solutions, data capturing, file conversion, OCR clean up, ICR, OMR, Bar coding, data extracting from web and keying from images.

Data Processing Services Outsource automatic data processing services to offshore data entry company will help you in effective business management. We provide our customers to numerous offshore electronic data processing services including data extraction from the web and entering it into an excel spreadsheet, editing and tagging digital photos, online monitoring of competitor pricing, conversion and processing of printed documents, forms, vectorized plans, maps and so on.

We offer an innumerable range of data processing services that enable organizations to convert massive volumes of documents into electronic formats for easy storage and retrieval. At Offshore Data Entry Company, we have proven expertise in data processing various kinds of surveys, questionnaires, application forms, immigration forms, resumes, legal documents, tax forms, membership forms, and different kinds of handwritten and printed forms.

The required data is extracted from hand-written forms or scanned images either manually or through specialized OCR Cleanup Process. The data is then delivered in different formats such as ASCII, CSV (Comma Delimited), and database files via CGI scripts.

Our entire data process integrates scanning of hard copies, web data extraction and indexing on the basis of the requirements of our customers. Offshore Data Entry also helps in systematically organizing your documents through legal document processing. We offer a considerable range of solutions in insurance claim processing through insurance claim entry, form processing, data entry and various other services.

Our document processing services incorporates scanning individual pages to create images. Offshore Data Entry Company offers OCR & ICR process services, which will enable you to enhance the productivity in information data processing and business automation application. Our other specialized data processing services also encompass OCR clean up, ICR, OMR, Bar coding, scanning from microfiche and microfilms and indexing and archiving.

Quality is our greatest asset and we promise to deliver our growing client base high quality outsourcing data processing services at affordable rates. So, outsource your data processing services to us and make an incredible headway in your business! To learn more about our data processing services contact us to get more information about outsourcing data processing services.

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