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Offshore Data Entry  Convert MPEG to AVI - MPEG Video File Conversion to AVI

MPEG (motion pictures expert group) is a method of compressing audio and video data for the web and CD distribution, voice and broadcast television application. Avi files are supported by different platforms like Windows (Windows Media player, QuickTime player, VLC media player and winamp), Mac OS or Linux (VLC media player, Xine Multimedia player).

Offshore Data Entry had been in the field of converting mpeg file to avi for more than a decade. Outsource mpeg to avi conversion to Offshore Data Entry and give yourself a cutting-edge benefit over your competitor in the quality of the output and also the time span. Mpeg to avi conversion is user-friendly as you can decide on the appearance relation, the quantity of photograms per second and the audio and video codec to be used to encode and decode it.




Offshore Data Entry offers outsource mpeg to avi conversion at the most competitive prices. Our professionals who stick to our strict quality policy offer the best output, which goes well beyond customer expectations.

Contact us If you would like to outsource convert MPEG to avi requirements to us and get accurate output.